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Permanent baldness is a result of the destruction of hair roots Telogen effluvium, while temporary baldness can be as a consequence of damages completed to the follicles Anagen effluvium. Overuse and improper mixing of chemicals and hair products are generally what make the transition of temporary hair problems for permanent hair damage. Other causes include illness, rapid weight change, anemia and surgery.

In the normal hair growth cycle approximately 85% of hairs have been in the growing stage. The other 15% come in the resting/shedding stage. With telogen effluvium a greater percentage of hairs will retreat for the resting stage where they shall be shed approximately 3 months later. The longer the condition lasts, the more the ratio changes.

Ayurvedic treatment may be given as a blend of oral medication and local applications. Oral medication requires the using medicines which could treat the known causes to the condition. In addition, medicines which have a certain action for the scalp as well as the hair follicles can also be important in the control over this issue. These medicines help the blood flow on the hair roots and thereby provide better nutrition to the scalp, while at the same time removing toxins and unwanted elements from this area. These medicines offer stimulation on the hair roots to be able to help regenerate new hair and stop hair loss.

Hair loss prevention for both men and women has become represented by various anti-hair loss products and regrowth medications retailed in various pharmacies, overall health stores and in many cases online sites. One of the topical solutions utilized in treating hair loss will be the Minoxidil solution. Functions by inhibiting the DHT hormone, Minoxidil stop the growth of hair loss and encourages regrowth of hairs.