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It's no secret that menopause means you may be experiencing a lot of bodily changes. But what you might not have been expecting is perfect for menopause to set you back nice hair! It is true though, that most women get each year hair loss during menopause. How much loss you experience and exactly how long the loss lasts is dependent upon a number of factors including genetic propensity, lifestyle, diet, and health.

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The cause of this condition isn't really clear although some people might experts attribute it with an autoimmune disorder that attacks one's hair roots. This condition is rare in toddlers younger than 3 years old which is said to have a strong genetic predisposition. It often affects people within 30 to 60 years of aging contributing to 20% of individuals experiencing this, use a known genealogy and family history of baldness. Some significant life events like pregnancy and illness that cause extreme stress can also increase danger in certain people.

In India, the traditional medicine system more than 5000 years continues to be Ayurveda. This is a system of natural herbal medicines that make up the oldest medical discipline on the planet. Ayurveda is founded on similar tips to that relating to ancient Greece and Rome, let's consider foundation of modern Western medical thought.

* Abrupt life-style change - Sudden hair loss sometimes happens faster than imagine when you have experienced a traumatic event that you experienced. This trauma may be physical or mental. Being a physical situation can occur because of hairstyle change. Yes, coming to the salon and becoming the most up-to-date hairdo that will need braiding that's tight over the long period of time might be due to hair thinning.

Traction alopecia is identified as a type of baldness this is a direct result of applying excessive pressure towards the hair's follicle by either adding weight towards the hair or pulling it too tightly. Despite the attachment method you use for hair extensions, the hair follicle must carry extra weight by using constant use can start to damage hair roots.