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Alopecia or baldness is hair thinning usually noted according to the scalp of both women and men. While generalized thinning hair is known as alopecia, smaller than average circular bald patches are known as alopecia areata. Noticeable hair loss along with the resulting premature baldness might be psychologically very disturbing, since a luxuriant growth of hair on the scalp is considered a sign of a sound body, grooming and personality. Premature hair loss is generally caused because of genetic tendency, chronic diseases, medications, stress, injury or harm to your hair, and as a side-effect of strong treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. While actual baldness is a lot more apparent that face men, severe baldness and apparent thinning of hair is much more common ladies; however, both kinds of thinning hair can prove to be devastating for patients.

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I think it would be appropriate to to start with note that testosterone is a prime suspect in hair loss. High levels of testosterone cause alopecia raising the potential of prostate type of cancer at the later stage in daily life. Some studies show that patients suffering from prostate cancer with male pattern baldness were prone to have experienced alopecia when still very young.

Male pattern baldness or androgenic-alopecia is the primary reason for this problem. In fact, 19 out of every 20 cases of hair loss is because this problem. People struggling with this have excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) seen in them, this also is the real cause of their hair problem. The side effects of DHT are primarily felt about the genetically susceptible hair roots.

Clip on extensions are wefts of hair that unique clips are already attached to. These have grown in popularity throughout the last couple of years as a result of how easy they are to add. They can be applied by yourself and do not require constant visits to a hairdresser or salon. Their main appeal may be the ease with which they can be invest and removed. This means they could be worn infrequently on nights out or special occasions. They are great for adding body, color or highlights to hair.

Another therapy for any male pattern losing hair therapy is with shampoos and conditioners. Working as a detoxifier to the scalp, men's baldness shampoos and conditioners work to block DHT from accumulating with the hair follicles. They also work to get rid of closing hair roots by removing surface residues and sets the stage for new hair growth.